Who We Are


SUPPORT4FILMS is a dynamic and passionate team actively involved in the industry with many years of experience, new ideas, vision and high goals. The team offers a high standard production support services along with specialized privately owned equipment and vehicles designed by them to offer infinite solutions. They create a safe and ideal working environment providing clients and personnel with the appropriate comfort and ease, making their long stay more pleasant.

S4F is based in Athens, but is active all over Greece constantly expanding their associates. They understand the needs of each production and respond straight away in effect.

As pioneers of ‘SUPPORT4FILMS’, they are the first to be considered for ‘PRODUCTION SUPPORT’ and ‘LOCATION SERVICES’ (Location Management/ Location Scouting/ Location Facilities).

The important element for a successful production is their ‘Absolute Dedication’.

Nikos Filippakis is a typical businessman who is excited by new challenges. He formed the idea of ‘SUPPORT4FILMS’ in 1999, after finding a deficiency in the Greek industry, while working as an assistant Production Manager in TV commercials. He is recognized for his reliability, performance and patience. He believes in offering of good service, in quality and innovation. His strong will, patience and determination assist him to succeed in his goals. He is pleased with his current progress and looks forward to the future.

Location Manager | Unit Manager | SET Manager | Location Scout | Fixer

Manolis Filippakis started his career as an amateur while studying Computer Science, shortly after his studies he was lured by the variety of experiences, the contact with people as well as the everyday challenge. He is persistent and demanding with a powerful presence and a strategic mind, always aiming for the best possible result. He has a tendency to observe everything in life with detail, always focusing on quality and does not settle for less. He is pleasant and outgoing always with a smile trying to deliver S4F to its future goals.

Location Manager | Unit Manager | SET Manager | Location Scout | Fixer


  • Nikos Filippakis

    Co-founder, SUPPORT4FILMS

    Believes in offering of good service, in quality and innovation!

  • Manolis Filippakis

    Co-founder, LOCATION4FILMS

    Always with a smile trying to deliver "Location4Films Greece" to its future goals..