Location Facility Vehicles


Iveco Daily 65C15 Designed by S4F01©UT2007

  • Length: 6.90m
  • Width: 2.38m
  • Height: 3.35m
  • AC: 220V/6KW (50Hz)
  • DC: 12V/20A LineBatteries 600Ah
  • Inverter DC to AC 220V/50Hz 2.5KW
  • Honda EU30iS 3Kw
  • Exterior Work Lights
  • Rotating Warning Lights
  • Security: Safe Box
  • Water Tank: 30lt
  • Lift: 250Kg


Mercedes Sprinter 314 Designed by S4F02©UV2009

  • Length: 5.70m
  • Width: 2.38m
  • Height: 3.00m
  • AC: 220V/6KW (50Hz)
  • DC: 12V/20A LineBatteries 300Ah
  • Inverter DC to AC 220V/50Hz 2.5KW
  • Honda EU30iS 3Kw
  • Exterior Work Lights
  • Rotating Warning Lights
  • Van Rack System
  • Wall Mounted Folding Tables

High performance, safety and importantly on time!

Their attention to detailprofessionalism and their achieved experience has lead to the creation of two fully equipped specialized vehicles. The purpose of their creation is to provide an appropriate working environment and fulfil the needs of every production with high performance, safety and importantly on time!

Good contacts all over Greece…

SUPPORT4FILMSwas created by Nikos Filippakis (Production Manager – Location Manager – Unit Manager – Location Scout – Fixer) and Manolis Filippakis (Assistant Production Manager – Unit Manager – Assistant Location Manager – Location Scout – Unit PA).

125 Akropoleos str., 17675 Kallithea, Athens, Greece

This dynamic duo is based in Athens, Greece and is actively involved for more than 15 years in all types of productions; Short and Feature Films, TV Commercials, Documentaries, Music Videos, Corporate Videos, Stills Photography, Events, Music Concerts, etc.

Get in touch with them to book their services at a fair price depending on your requirements and their availability. Good contacts all over Greece (Crete, Santorini, Mykonos, Corfu, Rhodes, Thessaloniki, etc.) are included.

S4F Facility Vehicles for the Film & TV Industry


S4FVEHICLE01 © UT2007 TV & Film Location Facility Vehicles


S4FVEHICLE02 © UV2009 TV & Film Location Facility Vehicles

Flexibility throughout Greek Road Network

The vehiclesare constructed and adapted to our needs, designed to enable access to the inaccessible parts of the city and islands, as well as flexibility throughout the country’s road network. Considering the per diem cost of production, their dimensions allow the cheapest boat fares of their category.

The S4F Vehicles can be easily modified whenever it is needed!

The S4F vehicles interior can be modified, according to demand. They are designed to provide easily and quickly functional workspaces. With your request and the specialized equipment that SUPPORT4FILMS provides, they can easily be converted to office space, wardrobe, makeup etc.

  • LOCATION Unit Truck or Van
  • PRODUCTION Truck or Van
  • OFFICE Truck or Van
  • CAMERA Truck or Van
  • MAKE-UP Truck or Van
  • WARDROBE Truck or Van

Get in touch with us to discuss your needs..

S4F, recognizingthe complexity and diversity of each production’s requirements, provides a wide range of equipment to meet, in every circumstance, each department’s demands. Having always in mind our constant development, today we are able to provide services for up to 80 people. The cost is variable according to your demands! Get in touch with us to discuss your needs.