Register your Property

Register your property:

Want extra income?

Register your home with a reputable location agency, such as S4F.

  • as a Location for Future Films
  • as a Location for TV Commercials
  • as a Location for Advertisement’s Photo-shoots
  • as a Location for Corporate Videos
  • as a Location for Music Videos
  • as a Location for Corporate-Social Events
  • as Scenery Element (Classical Vehicle, Machine, Aircraft, Yacht, etc.)

The “Film Locations Database” consists of monuments, sports locations, historical places, public spaces, malls, corporate locations, houses, classical vehicles, hotels, luxurious boats, etc. We are working to match the requests received from producers of Feature Films, TV Movies, TV Commercials, Music Videos, Corporate Videos and Photoshoots.

If you believe that you possess a potential filming location or a scene item and you want to register in our database, please send your digital photographs using ”WeTransfer” (, to the email address infoatsupport4filmsdottv*. We can advise you if there is a need for your property in our industry. We evaluate the new photographical material and we are in close contact with you within a working week. Don’t forget to include your communication details. *(at=@ dot=.)

Taking Photos Correctly

There is no need to take professional photos. You need to inform us about your property. For example, there are magnificent bedrooms, wonderful bathrooms, or maybe a nice garden. Instead of zooming in details, sit back and take a photo showing everything.

If you are taking a picture indoors, make sure that there is plenty of light!

Panoramic images Place yourself in a corner of each of the main rooms and turn the camera vertically. In order to create an image with a large optical range, you need to take approximately 3-4 photos which will then be put together. Then move to the opposite corner so that you can have the reverse angle of the room. You can also capture all the special characteristics, like stairs, furniture, pools, tennis courts and so on. Outdoors Take outdoor pictures of your garden from every angle, in front of the house and road as well as outside of your property to help us estimate the production issues of accessing and parking in your place.

  • Remember that we expect more horizontal than vertical photos.
  • Locations-Scenes that are submitted with only one photo will not be accepted.
  • If you submit a home or other building, please include indoor and outdoor images.
  • Please do not submit photos shot in adverse weather conditions such as snow, fog, rain, etc.
  • Photos containing people will not be accepted.
  • Photos must be high resolution to distinguish details. If you know how to adjust the picture settings, here are the general guidelines:
  • 144-150dpi
  • Size of the picture: 200Kb – 1Mb
  • JPEG Compression = 7 Good quality
  • 1280×1024 Resolution
  • Physical dimension of the photograph 21.6 x 27.9 cm
  • For general pictures such as a city or a neighborhood, please submit only relevant photographs for the specific type of location. For example, if a city has a nice river that is not visible from the city streets, you can submit this location seperately.