S4F Production Support

Stress Free ShotEvery Production Company dreams of a well-organized stress free shooting, our Location Manager with his professionalism and experience has been accomplishing this for years. SUPPORT4FILMS is totally responsible for the location owner and the production company.  At S4F, Location Management includes all the necessary correspondence with the authorities, location owners, neighbors as well as obtaining all required license for the film.

Profession TrainingWe provide full training to all our assistants, so that they can manage every situation that might occur. They are capable and experienced enough to control the location and the ‘set’ in case the site administrators may need to leave for any reason. Their performance is constantly monitored and corrected in order for them to achieve the high level standard SUPPORT4FILMS expects from them. The advantage when using S4F is the responsibility that characterizes them towards their control of the equipment, vehicles and other services.

Full ResponsibilitySUPPORT4FILMS has a support system, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the equipment provided, for the services and for any assistance required unexpectedly or at short notice. Services are provided with full responsibility to the production company and to the location chosen, so that S4F can be welcomed again in the future. It is very important for us to keep contacts with the location owners.

EquipmentBefore the equipment leaves our warehouse, each item is carefully monitored and tested to ensure it is in perfect condition. Anything damaged is replaced or repaired, as to ensure that the working schedule is not compromised. S4F constantly maintains repairs and cleans their equipment!

VehiclesThe vehicles interior can be modified, according to demand. They are designed to provide easily and quickly functional workspaces. With your request and the specialized equipment that SUPPORT4FILMS provides, they can easily be converted to office space, wardrobe, makeup etc.

ChargesCharges are per daily or week, a phone call or an e-mail will secure you our services at an affordable price. Do not hesitate to confide to us the cost you can afford for our services, depending on your requirements and our availability, we will assist you.

Special ServicesIf the equipment or the services you need are not available, let us source them for you. SUPPORT4FILMS works with many service providing and equipment companies. We can act on your behalf – be released!