S4F Production Manager

Greek Production Manager

He is the basic leading and organizing colleague of the director and production from the beginning of the preparation until the completion of the project. He ensures that the products and services are provided efficiently in terms of quality, quantity, cost and time-line, always satisfying the client. He is obliged to guard the producers’ interests and achieve the best financial and quality terms. His most common working duties are:

  • Pre-estimates and manages the financial matters. He signs the final budget and is responsible for reviewing the expenses when the project is completed.
  • Prepares and carries out the employment contracts regarding the stuff, crew, technicians, studio, means of transformation and anyone else involved.
  • Assures to hire the best possible stuff in time allowing the production to begin as scheduled.
  • Sees for the compliance of the labor law.
  • Rents the equipment and anything else necessary.
  • Faces and figures out any problem that may occur during the pre-preparation period or the shooting days regarding the equipment, services or stuff and actors.
  • Obtains on time any administration or other kind of license that might be needed as well as any necessary facilitation.
  • Insures crew, actors, equipment and anything else needed always in understanding with his assignor.
  • He sees to it that all the supplies and equipment are in place and ready to be used on time.
  • He works to ensure that the production will be completed within the time-line arranged.