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Production Manager in Greece

He is the basic leading and organizing colleague of the director and production from the beginning of the preparation until the completion of the project. He ensures that the products and services are provided efficiently in terms of quality, quantity, cost and time-line, always satisfying the client. He is obliged to guard the producers’ interests and achieve the best financial and quality terms. His most common working duties are:

  • Pre-estimates and manages the financial matters. He signs the final budget and is responsible for reviewing the expenses when the project is completed.
  • Prepares and carries out the employment contracts regarding the stuff, crew, technicians, studio, means of transformation and anyone else involved.
  • Assures to hire the best possible stuff in time allowing the production to begin as scheduled.
  • Sees for the compliance of the labor law.
  • Rents the equipment and anything else necessary.
  • Faces and figures out any problem that may occur during the pre-preparation period or the shooting days regarding the equipment, services or stuff and actors.
  • Obtains on time any administration or other kind of license that might be needed as well as any necessary facilitation.
  • Insures crew, actors, equipment and anything else needed always in understanding with his assignor.
  • He sees to it that all the supplies and equipment are in place and ready to be used on time.
  • He works to ensure that the production will be completed within the time-line arranged.

Location Manager in Greece

He is the one responsible for finding and obtaining the locations that will be used, as well as organizing the logistics used on location by the production. He works closely with the director during pre-production so that he can capture his vision and work under his instruction. His most common working duties are:

  • Evaluates the script or storyboard and schedules them according to location.
  • Presents ideas using sources like the internet and location libraries.
  • Visits and takes pictures of locations according to budget so that their suitability can be evaluated.
  • Deals with the accessibility, parking and use of the location during the preliminary research.
  • Gathering practical information regarding the possible locations, such as the hotels for crew and actors accommodation, and usually making the bookings.
  • He is in close communication with the production team so that his work and the locations technical standards can be evaluated.
  • Investigates the locations thoroughly to make sure the shooting won’t be interrupted or disturbed by any noise or event.
  • Negotiates the accessibility and draws a contract with the location owner.
  • Organizes and obtains the appropriate access license from the local authorities or the police when needed.
  • Schedules the dates of the crew’s arrival on location and their stay keeping everyone informed always in contact with the owner.
  • Ensures the technical aspects for the best transfer of the necessary equipment, makes sure there is electricity supply on location and maintains harmony on set.
  • Sees that the crew follows the security rules and further needs according to location evaluating the dangers that may occur.
  • Gives out all the necessary information (maps, directions, parking plans etc.) to support the crew and services.
  • Arranges the time schedules of the day in communication with the ass. Director to assure the best work-flow.
  • Deals with the citizens invading the set during shootings in public spaces.
  • Guarantees the recovery of the location is perfect, thanks the owners and deals with the payment.

Location Scout in Greece

Location Scouting is a vital process during pre-production of a movie or a commercial photo-shoot. Before initiating research, script writers, producers or directors agree to the general aesthetics of the scenes scheduled for outdoor shooting. The location scout researches, taking pictures or videos. Takes all the appropriate legal measures for accessing the shooting area of a location and issues all filming license needed. The suitability of a location depends on many factors including:

  • Aesthetics of the space
  • Financial cost for production
  • Equipment and services access
  • Parking availability
  • The distance from the base or from other locations planned
  • Electricity supply Availability or the possibility of having a generator for lighting and electrical equipment.
  • Weather condition (outdoor)
  • Light available (indoor or outdoor)
  • License and cooperation from the owner or neighbors

Fixer in Greece

Is a new business term that contains more than one specialty? It is more often used by TV crews because it is proven to be more efficient financially, as it incorporates the responsibilities of a Production Manager, Producer, Location Manager, Production Assistant. A few of the services he can offer are: finding the right accommodation, renting technical supply, hiring: cars, trucks, caravans, helicopter, finding the crew as well as anything else required to meet the needs of every production.

Ass. Production Manager in Greece

The Assistant Production Manager works alongside the Production Manager, aiding him with his work performing duties assigned to him. In detail he is responsible for everything to work on schedule, supervises to rent the equipment and insures equipment-crew and actors. He monitors all the financial matters and cash management of a production like the cost, expenses and receipts.

Production Assistant in Greece

Is the last member of the production team. Performs important tasks at the office, at location and anywhere else he is needed. His duties may vary from office work to controlling a crowd and public relations to cleaning the area after the shooting. Depending on the project and according to cost the Production Assistants are divided to different categories. Set PA, Truck PA, Location PA, Office PA. His most common working duties are:

  • Gathers and brings equipment, supplies, etc.
  • Drives cars, vans or big trucks
  • Orders films, video tapes, etc.
  • Helps for setting the set at a location
  • Undertakes basic research
  • Takes care of petty cash
  • Orders food
  • Makes reservations for hotels and tickets
  • Installs tents, tables, mirrors, garbage bins, etc.
  • Rents objects
  • Arranges for the crew’s needs on location
  • Prepares and offers tea, coffee
  • Keeps the shooting area clean and neat