S4F Production Assistant

Greek Production Assistant

Is the last member of the production team. Performs important tasks at the office, at location and anywhere else he is needed. His duties may vary from office work to controlling a crowd and public relations to cleaning the area after the shooting. Depending on the project and according to cost the Production Assistants are divided to different categories. Set PA, Truck PA, Location PA, Office PA. His most common working duties are:

  • Gathers and brings equipment, supplies, etc.
  • Drives cars, vans or big trucks
  • Orders films, video tapes, etc.
  • Helps for setting the set at a location
  • Undertakes basic research
  • Takes care of petty cash
  • Orders food
  • Makes reservations for hotels and tickets
  • Installs tents, tables, mirrors, garbage bins, etc.
  • Rents objects
  • Arranges for the crew’s needs on location
  • Prepares and offers tea, coffee
  • Keeps the shooting area clean and neat