S4F Location Manager

Greek Location Manager

He is the one responsible for finding and obtaining the locations that will be used, as well as organizing the logistics used on location by the production. He works closely with the director during pre-production so that he can capture his vision and work under his instruction. His most common working duties are:

  • Evaluates the script or storyboard and schedules them according to location.
  • Presents ideas using sources like the internet and location libraries.
  • Visits and takes pictures of locations according to budget so that their suitability can be evaluated.
  • Deals with the accessibility, parking and use of the location during the preliminary research.
  • Gathering practical information regarding the possible locations, such as the hotels for crew and actors accommodation, and usually making the bookings.
  • He is in close communication with the production team so that his work and the locations technical standards can be evaluated.
  • Investigates the locations thoroughly to make sure the shooting won’t be interrupted or disturbed by any noise or event.
  • Negotiates the accessibility and draws a contract with the location owner.
  • Organizes and obtains the appropriate access license from the local authorities or the police when needed.
  • Schedules the dates of the crew’s arrival on location and their stay keeping everyone informed always in contact with the owner.
  • Ensures the technical aspects for the best transfer of the necessary equipment, makes sure there is electricity supply on location and maintains harmony on set.
  • Sees that the crew follows the security rules and further needs according to location evaluating the dangers that may occur.
  • Gives out all the necessary information (maps, directions, parking plans etc.) to support the crew and services.
  • Arranges the time schedules of the day in communication with the ass. Director to assure the best work-flow.
  • Deals with the citizens invading the set during shootings in public spaces.
  • Guarantees the recovery of the location is perfect, thanks the owners and deals with the payment.