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We can cater for Photography shoots, Live Media Events, Editorial, Stills, TV Commercials and The Movies.

Fields of Work

  • Motion Pictures and Film
  • Media Production
  • Broadcast Media
  • Events Services
  • Facilities Services

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Private Working Area

S4F Shelters | Technical Specifications

Pop Up Shelters
  • 2.5m x 2.5m {8ft x 8ft}
  • 2.5m x 3.7m {8ft x 12ft}
  • 6.0m x 3.0m {20ft x 10ft}
  • 1.5m x 1.5m {5ft x 5ft}
Solid Plain Sidewalls
Solid Plain Sidewalls

Solid heavyweight polyester fabric sidewalls attach easily to the frame with Velcro straps and provide good weather protection. Zippers on the vertical edges make joining easy for privacy and security.

Middle Zip Sidewalls
Middle Zip Sidewalls

Sewn into the centre of this heavyweight polyester fabric is an additional zip which makes a useful opening for entry to your enclosed Pop Up Shelter.

Rain Gutters
Rain Gutters

Extended rain protection when two or more Pop Up Shelters are placed together. Just connect the sleeving and make a channel for the rain to escape.

Privacy & Security

Private Working Area | Athens


Private Working Area | Mykonos


Private Working Area | Santorini


Private Working Area | Greece


Advantages of using Shelters

SUPPORT4FILMS owns and uses folding shelters in basic and auxiliary locations, for each production we offer our services. It can be easily understood that with their use we protect clients-artists-actors-crew and filming equipment from the sun and rain.

The equipment combined with support services provided by S4F, transform folding tents in private working areas for: (Agency Department/ Direction Department/ Wardrobe/ Makeup/ Production Office/ Dressing Room/ Catering Area, etc.) Apart from the safety that the shelters provide from weather conditions, they also define space and leave away prying eyes.

In their interior space can be arranged to provide proper facilities and making long stay in your workplace more enjoyable in outdoor or indoor locations. Installing and uninstalling them is quick and easy. SUPPORT4FILMS can handle its equipment even on the most difficult places in the city center of Athens but also in difficult locations throughout Greece.

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Wheeled Equipment

S4F Carts | Technical Specifications

on SET Cart
Ditty Cart
  • 3 Drawers
  • 2 Sliding Milk Crates
  • 2 Side Gel Racks
  • Wheels with Brakes
  • Locking Bar
Camera Cart
Magliner Senior Cart IMG 1 of 3

The Magliner Senior Modified Cart was modified with the Videographer and Camera Assistant in mind. Some of the alterations we’ve made are the replacement of the rear 5” stock wheels with …

Set Box Cart
Vertical Set Box
  • 3 Drawers
  • 4 Sliding Milk Crates
  • 2 Side Gel Racks
  • Rigid & Casters with Brakes
  • Locking Bar
Camera Cart
Magliner Senior Cart IMG 2 of 3

… 8” pneumatics with brakes, “U” Handle Bar outfitted with Grip Handles, Nose and Frame re-enforcement, pre-drilled cart to accept all bolt-on accessories.

Video Assist Cart
Video / Sound Transformer Cart

Shown with optional 9″ Monitor Trays, 4-space Sliding Drawer with lock, Umbrella and Umbrella Holder.

Camera Platform
Magliner Senior Cart IMG 3 of 3
  • Mag Euroball Mount
  • Mag Cable Holders
  • Mag Bag
  • S4F Black Umbrella
Studio Equipment
Backstage Equipment

SUPPORT4FILMS would particularly like to give sincere thanks to BACKSTAGE EQUIPMENT!

Aluminium Platforms
Platform Carts

Folds quickly into a handtruck for storage and transportation.

Carts on Location


Handtrucks on Location


SUPPORT4FILMS uses owned cinematography carts in the productions that supports. It can easily be understood that with their use, the work of the crew is easier, throughout the duration of each production. They offer quick filming equipment transportation and most importantly, safety. S4F is concerned about everyone’s comfort and most of all, for the proper execution of the project.

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Traffic Control & Road Safety

S4F © Traffic Control & Road Safety Management Services

Αlways in “coordination” with Police and Local Authorities.

Support4Films Services

We can “support” for Photography shoots, Live Media Events, Editorial, Stills, TV Commercials and The Movies.

Fields of Work

  • Highway Traffic Control
  • Road Safety Services
  • Traffic Control Services
  • Essential Equipment
  • Roads and Traffic Management Services
  • Traffic Control and Road Safety Management Services
  • Road Safety and Security Traffic Control
  • Traffic Safety Management Services
  • Road Traffic Controllers

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Action Movies| Roads | Traffic | Safety | Essential Equipement | Management Services
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Private VHF Radio Frequency

S4F Walkie-Talkies | Technical Specifications

Licence Number: 07–010 A0204~EETT ΑΠ 390/1/21–06–2006 ΦΕΚ 750/Β/2006 by HTPC*

*Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission

Latest technology in wireless communication provide direct and immediate co-operation between S4F departments using a secure company radio frequency – 2Km Range

Walkie Talkies
  • Yaesu VX-414E-2-5VHF 5W
Compact Lapel Mic with Earpiece
Earphone +Microphone
  • Yaesu MH-37 A4B
  • JDI EAR-BUD / JD-10X
Overnight Desktop Charger
Overnight Desktop Charger
  • Yaesu NC-77C
Multi Charger
6-Unit Multi Charger
  • Yaesu VAV-6000series
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