Split Costume Makeup Truck

S4F01©SCMT2015 | Split Costume Makeup Truck


Iveco Daily 65C15/ Split Costume Makeup Truck/ Designed by S4F01©SCMT2015

  • Length: 6.90m
  • Width: 2.38m
  • Height: 3.35m
  • AC: 220V/6KW (50Hz)
  • DC: 12V/20A LineBatteries 600Ah
  • Inverter DC to AC 220V/50Hz 2.5KW
  • 2x Honda EU30iS 3Kw
  • Exterior Work Lights

Technical Specifications

  • Rotating Warning Lights
  • Security: Safe Box
  • Water Tank: 30lt
  • Two (2) Hair/ Makeup Stations
  • Complimentary Hydraulic Styling Chairs
  • Separate Entry Doors w/Steps
  • Individually Controlled Heating
  • 7,5m Hanging Space
  • Small Sewing Table (Interior)
  • Big Sewing Table (Exterior)
  • Stabilizing System

Split Costume Makeup Truck has up to 7,5 meters of hanging space..

The Location Facility Vehiclewas built in Greece! Our 2 position Split Costume Make-up Truck has up to 7,5m of hanging space. Separate entrances for each department. This is available with our Iveco Daily Truck with extra storage for the large boxes and bags that the costume department always have, so you can maximize the space in the split. The S4F department get a back wash sink, 2 fully adjustable full size make up chairs, 1 high director chair, 2 stools, low energy and low heat daylight bulbs, Iron and Board. Eletcric Heating and Music.

S4F Facility Vehicles for the Film & TV Industry

3D View

S4FVEHICLE01 © SCMT2015 TV & Film Location Facility Vehicles

Floor Plan | Section A | Section B

S4FVEHICLE01 © SCMT2015 TV & Film Location Facility Vehicles

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